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At 60 Lumens per Watt, our Blanca range of luminaires deliver what seems impossible: ultra high powered lighting with low energy consumption.

The Details
60 watts per lumen high efficiency lighting manufacture


Lighting up stores and shopping centres is one of the things we do best. We design and manufacture a huge range of retail lighting systems.

The Products
retail lighting manufacture and systems design


Effective lighting within healthcare and local authorities enhances the wellbeing of both the public and the staff. Light where it's vitally needed.

The Products
hospital lighting local healthcare authorities

the workplace

Industrial and commercial lighting needs to flexible and efficient. Delivering cutting edge solutions keeps our clients' businesses alight for less.

Lighting Design
industrial lighting commercial lighting manufacture factory warehouse

Leaders in Lighting

Hilclare Lighting manufacture and supply luminaires and lighting solutions for business and the public sector. Having over 20 years of expertise in the lighting industry, enables us to deliver cost effective projects with a high level of efficiency.

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