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Our mission is to provide our clients with lighting products and systems that meet their needs, something we have been doing effectively for over 20 years. Here is just a small selection of the many projects we get involved in.

Manheim Vehicle Distribution

Leeds, West Yorkshire

Manheim Vehicle Distribution Manheim Vehicle Distribution Manheim Vehicle Distribution

Manheim is part of Cox Enterprises, a fourth generation, family-owned business and a leading global communications, media and automotive services company. When it comes to new lighting, only the best will suffice!

Manheim Vehicle Distribution offers buyers and sellers of cars, vans, trucks, motorbikes and plant a national network of 17 auction centres, as well as the latest online auction channels and a comprehensive range of products and services. The company is made up from four distinct business divisions – Financing, Remarketing, Software and Media – from which the entire Manheim product range is available.

These four divisions are inextricably linked to the used vehicle lifecycle and many of their customers, including vehicle manufacturers, dealers, and fleet and leasing companies use services from more than one division. They’re proud to say that their services influence the wholesale or retail sale of over ¾ million vehicles in the UK every year.

When they set up a body repair and paint-shop in Rothwell near Leeds in West Yorkshire, it had to include the latest technology for the building and the equipment. The electrical contractors, IDES Ltd of Rawtenstall in Lancashire, asked Hilclare to design and provide a state-of-the-art lighting scheme which would meet the stringent requirements of Manheim’s philosophy. The design involved using luminaires from the Varas range which utilise the very latest in LED technology. Indeed, the efficiency of these products is well above the regulatory requirements, being around 50% more efficient than their fluorescent tube equivalents.

Hilclare are proud to be involved in this prestigious project and are confident that both IDES and Manheim will have low maintenance and low energy bills for many years to come.

Behind every bodyshop…

Sytner BMW, Tamworth

Behind every bodyshop… Behind every bodyshop…

The 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division has supported the evolution of Sytner BMW from a two-painter provision to a 1207m2 flagship Stage One Bodyshop. Here’s how we made it happen.

Hilclare is proud to stand behind Sytner BMW as they open their new, state-of-the-art Stage One Repair Centre in Tamworth. Following a successful partnership, we have provided everything BMW Trained Technicians need in lighting to carry out their work to the highest standards.

With the arrival of the new centre marking evidence of changes within the cosmetic arena, we’re expecting even bigger things in the future. While everyone involved in the partnership is over the moon that the facility is finally here, it has been a long time coming. The project started three years ago, with the original plan being to incorporate the Bodyshop as part of the dealership. But, with expansion on the cards, BMW set out to find a plot of land big enough to accommodate a Stage One Repair Centre, and settled on an ex-TA shooting range and coach repair centre. The site in question, a 1207m2] plot in Tamworth, now houses Sytner BMW’s flagship standalone Stage One facility, the first of its kind for the group.

To put things into perspective; before the facility opened its doors on 16th November 2015, Sytner BMW was working with two small smart bays and a painter at each site. Now, their new space can facilitate up to ten painters – and has the potential capacity to service five times the number of vehicles. Plus, with more space freed up in the dealership itself, the team has been able to build a separate indoor used car showroom.
Mark Harrison (Bodyshop Manager) added, “It’s been a long time coming but all the team are excited and proud of the new facilities, being now able to offer solutions to our customers is very important. With the support from 3M we hope to go from strength to strength very quickly”

The lighting was carried out by Industrial Domestic Electrical Services (IDES) in Rawtenstall, Lancashire, together with the technical and design expertise of Hilclare Lighting. The new scheme comprises of VARAS LED low bay luminaires to produce over 1000 lux of pure white light at those points where it is needed. James Freeman, sales engineer for Hilclare in the North West added, "Not only does the new lighting scheme produce the light levels required by BMW, but it is also very energy efficient and requires reduced maintenance costs. It is altogether a win-win situation for everyone".

We’d like to wish the team at Sytner BMW the very best with the new facility. With further Stage One sites on the cards for 2016 and beyond – at locations including Birmingham, Chigwell, Sheffield and Cardiff – both BMW and 3M are looking forward to prosperous times ahead.

Falkirk Tunnel

Falkirk, Scotland

Falkirk Tunnel Falkirk Tunnel

The project was to replace the current inadequate lighting within the tunnel. This required design and supply of suitable luminaires to provide not only required illuminance levels to the towpath running alongside, but also to illuminate the vaulted ceiling comprising of granite, light brickwork and stalactites. The tunnel is a Scheduled Ancient Monument and therefore presented the design team with problems of project integration.

Background - General Information:
A plan was commissioned and work began in March 1818 on what we know now as the Union Canal. The Edinburgh to Glasgow waterway link, which became the Union Canal, was opened in May 1822. The canal followed the contours of the land right through to Falkirk and the Falkirk Tunnel was formed, blasted and dug through solid rock for its 630 meters. Lighting was installed within the tunnel in 2003. It was installed on the off-side of the canal opposite the towpath, the existing up-lighting illuminates the varied geology of the tunnel ceiling and provides inadequate levels of lighting for pedestrians and cyclists using the canal towpath. Unfortunately, the damp and calcic tunnel environment has taken its toll on the serviceability of the existing lighting system and the system required replacement.

The Solution - Hilclare:
The technical team at Hilclare designed the lighting solution using their range of Sammode luminaires, which ticked all the boxes required by the client, Scottish Canals. The fixtures are IP68 protected using the latest high efficiency LED light sources, and are designed to operate for many years without any form of servicing. The installing contractors were Edmiston Brown & Co, electricians based in Glasgow, who had an immediate problem. The lighting installation could only be accessed by use of floating craft. The craft had to be suitable to access all parts of the lighting installation and consideration had to be given to fumes caused by use of diesel driven craft.

The result was something that both Hilclare and Edmiston Brown are proud of. Not only were the original targets achieved but also by use of LEDs with different colour temperatures the effect is stunning, much to the delight of Scottish Canals.

Paragon Automotive Ltd


Paragon Automotive Ltd Paragon Automotive Ltd Paragon Automotive Ltd

Paragon are a Jaguar and Land Rover De-Fleet centre. Their repair shops require specialised lighting conditions to enable the engineers to see blemishes and finishes on cars, as well as providing good levels for mechanical work.

The general lighting in the repair bays is provided by SANTONA LED fittings which give superb results. In the spraybooth preparation areas the SEVILLE LED fittings provide an excellent quality of light. Both solutions use low energy LED light sources which ensure low running costs and low maintenance.

The installing electrical contractors were Industrial Domestic Electrical Services (IDES) in Rawtenstall, Lancashire.

Images supplied with kind permission from Spraybooth Technology.

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