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This area contains downloadable PDF files. We can also supply hard copies of these files if you contact the sales office at info@hilclare.com or call 0161 274 3626.

Hazardous Area Lighting Catalogue

Our specialist lighting products and solutions for hazardous environments.

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Buyer's Guide

An overview of our products containing detailed information, specifications, ordering codes and guidance on application.

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Sports Lighting Guide

As with any lighting situation there are many considerations to take into account when designing for sports. This brochure has been created to assist specifiers such as architects, consulting engineers, and local authority engineers with lighting for sports facilities.

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Lighting for Healthcare

This is a simple overview of various types of areas or rooms found in most healthcare buildings, and suggested Hilclare products that could be used. The brochure has been updated to have preference for LED products.

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LED Lighting Catalogue

With more than 20 years experience as one of the leading commercial lighting manufacturers in the UK, Hilclare provides an extensive range of some of the latest and most innovative lighting solutions. We specialise in the production of energy efficient lighting which includes a wide range of LED lighting fixtures. This short form catalogue illustrates some of these innovative products.

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We have downloadable datasheets available at the bottom of most of our product pages. These sheets cover more detailed specifications such as photometrics, build materials, classifications and standards.

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