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Energy Efficiency

The living lamp that needs no power source

Every now and then an innovation comes along that shows science fiction can become science fact.

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How is the brightness of a light measured?

Here is our simple guide to some of the basics in understanding how brightness and light are measured in modern electric lighting.

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Energy Management for Businesses Video

This video from the US Department of Energy shows how American businesses are taking energy management seriously.

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GravityLight: A light for the developing world

GravityLight is a wonderfully inventive new device that generates light from gravity.

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Benefits of LED Lighting

While the low energy benefits of LEDs are well publicised, there are other advantages to installing LEDs. Here are a few to consider:

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Energy savings for Musgrave Group

Hilclare Lighting delivers 45% energy savings for Musgrave Group.

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Get in control of your lighting costs

Hilclare Lighting is aiming to put you in control of lighting costs with its complete service that means customers get the very best solutions available.

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Bottle Lights by Alfredo Moser

Brazilian engineer Alfredo Moser came up with a ingenious invention around a decade ago that brought light into his home during blackouts.

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