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Arbo LED panel gets a glowing review

Arbo LED panel gets a glowing review

We were delighted to see our Arbo recessed LED ceiling panel light get a 4 star review in the November issue of Lux Magazine. Arbo is a range of recessed modular luminaires, comprising of a distinctive circular diffuser within a flat metal 595x595mm plate, that sets it apart from similar panel lights. 

The LED modules offer exceptional efficiency resulting in a luminaire efficacy of 70+ lumens per watt, making it a perfect choice for energy conscious installations. Suitable for modern offices, commercial environments and public sector buildings that are looking for a different aesthetic to the conventional products in this category.

Here’s what Lux Magazine had to say:

“The obvious difference with this unit is that the diffuser is round and convex. It immediately makes an office more distinctive. The dished panel also helps give better vertical illumination. Another big advantage is that having a polycarbonate diffuser means that you can use this unit for emergency lighting and escape routes. This solidly constructed unit is rated at IP44. The delivered efficiency is 75-80 lm/W – a bit lower than some units but still way above what is required to meet Part L.”

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