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Lights in Alingsås

Lights in Alingsås

Every year the small city of Alingsås in Sweden hosts one of the most exciting and creative events in the lighting calendar. 

Over five weeks, pioneers of contemporary lighting design collaborate with architects, engineers and creative artists on workshops and exhibitions around the city.

Lights in Alingsås is much more than just an art show though, as free experimentation without commercial constraints often leads to important industrial innovations . 

This year’s festival runs September 26th – November 2nd. The main theme is the music of Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg. Seven lighting designers have been given the task of illuminating the beautiful city with stunning interpretations of the composer’s works.   

Other activities include a week long lighting design workshop and guided tours every night.

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Image © Alingsås kommun

Lights in Alingsås 1

Image © Alingsås kommun

Lights in Alingsås 2

Image © Alingsås kommun

Lights in Alingsås 3

Image © Lights In Alingsås

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