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Go Light

New lighting invention combats spatial disorientation

Spatial disorientation is not knowing your position in relation to other things. A well publicised issue for aviation, it is cited as the possible cause for many air crashes. It occurs when there is a lack of visual indication of the aircraft’s orientation (attitude) in relation to the ground.

Currently aircraft are fitted with an attitude indicator (AI) which is a small device used in the cockpit to inform the pilot of the orientation of the aircraft relative to Earth’s horizon.

The GO Light has been conceived as a much stronger visual reference by presenting a soft horizontal field of light that remains parallel with the Earth, regardless of the aircraft’s attitude or altitude.  Poor visibility in night flying or difficult conditions is one of the main causes of spatial disorientation, and the Go Light counters this by ensuring constant awareness of attitude through the pilot’s peripheral vision.  

For more information see the GO Light website.

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