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The living lamp that needs no power source

The living lamp that needs no power source

Every now and then an innovation comes along that shows science fiction can become science fact. 

Once such example is the Ambio Bacterial Lamp which harnesses bioluminescence from marine bacteria.

The bacteria, which were removed from the skin of an octopus, glows in response to oxygen and movement.

In order to synthesise this within the lamp, it consists of two weights either side of a suspended glass tube. The tube is filled with artificial seawater and the bioluminescent bacteria. When the frame is gently pushed, the entire lamp starts to sway, which creates the motion necessary to illuminate the bacteria, lighting the lamp until until the movement ceases.

Ambio was conceived by designer Teresa van Dongen whose work fuses nature and technology due to her background in biology and design. Speaking about the Ambio Dongen stated “I want to hint at how we can use nature as a source of energy in daily life."

A truly incredible innovation and surely just the beginning of biotechnology in lighting. 

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